Car vs. Driver

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Car vs. Driver was one of my favorite Atlanta bands, and in my opinion a big influence to the Atlanta punk/indie music scene during their time. I remember meeting and befriending Jon Rothman, their guitar player, when we were working together at Lettuce Souprise You around '92/93. He had a yellow VW Beetle and in that car he introduced me to Shudder to Think, which was like nothing I'd heard before and I remember thinking "what is this super off kilter music with this guy singing falsetto nonsensical lyrics" but I dug it and wanted to seek out more music that was different than what I was hearing on the radio.

Over the years Car vs. Driver were together I saw them numerous times with some amazing bands and their shows and records were always amongst my favorites, including their reunion show in 1997 at Under the Couch which James wrote about.

Check out Without a Day, my favorite song of theirs:

Some pictures I took of them at various shows