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My love of Braid began when I saw them play at a fest in Columbus in '96. It was at that show, having never seen them before, where I stopped in my tracks as Bob belted out the (mostly) acapella part of Hugs from Boys. During that moment it felt like they had the entire room in their hands, you could hear a pin drop before the song burst back in.

The Age of Octeen had just come out and of course I picked up a copy as well as any of their other records they had with them; I was hooked on everything else they put out from then on.

When Frame and Canvas came out I remember listening to it on repeat the entire day, would play it as I entered Chicago every road trip I took up here, and it remains a favorite of mine to this day. For their final show in Chicago I drove up from Nashville and saw them play at the Metro, including the 'secret' post show at the Fireside. The show at the Fireside was insane and I remember they had a giant wheel of songs they would spin and play whatever it landed on. Post show I asked Bob for one of the cards, he gave me Milwaukee Sky Rocket, which I still have.

Over the years they were together I was fortunate enough to get to know them, hosted a show of theirs at my house in Murfreesboro (The Kingdome), and played a few shows with them while in Serotonin. As you know later 3/4 of them went on to become Hey Mercedes, who I had some amazing adventures with (and tons of pics to post another time).

Needless to say I was super excited when they started playing together again and released the fantastic No Coast. Great guys who have had a huge musical (and non-musical) impact on me.

Below are a few old pictures I took of them way back when.

At the Columbus Fest in '96


At The Kingdome in Murfreesboro

This was on tour with Compound Red and Sarge
(thanks to Tracy DeLong for the B&W pics)






Their 'last show' at the Metro